Summer Session Week 7

(L) Gwen Torrence, Gail Devers, Merlene Ottey (R)

Full disclosure: There is heat in the marimba tracks. I used noise reduction by sight and not by ear. Too late to correct this error this week. My laptop speakers are shot, but they were under par anyway. I’ll replace them, hopefully before my final demo is due Labor Day Weekend, with something better. This song is from my Indie label’s debut compilation album called “Gold Medalist” Copyright 1999. I believe I recorded my 3 tracks using alias Boomslang or DB!SPA. I want to give my music partners, who I credit as co-founders even though we are no longer in contact, a shout out to Christopher James White and Shockin Lewis Jr. Go to Library of Congress if you want to hear this record. I was an aspiring record producer that year. Still aspiring. This is the rhythm to a previously recorded (previously 121 BPM) quasi-house track called “Money and Muscles.” I was a different person in 1999. Much younger obviously and much worldlier. I would never record the same theme today.

Speaking of idolatry. OMG I love these black sprinters! I was in Atlanta to watch The Olympics in 1996. My favorite at the time Gwen Torrence didn’t win the Gold Medal in the 100 Meters. Neither did my new favorite, Merlene Ottey. No offense Gail. I luv you too. Merlene Ottey’s career is unprecedented. I think she competed until she was in her 50’s. My hero.

If I was smart I’d finish the summer session working on a radio edit for Boom Jungle Wood Band based on much of what you hear above. I need at least two more weeks and a song in tow (above). Note, I am only a rhythm section…naturally. I can imagine actually “arranging” this track and adding some type of vocals. I can imagine correcting some of the technical issues and mixing a decent record. Imagine that. WOW. We’ll see.

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