Summer Session Week 6

You’re probably surprised to hear that this week’s demo went pretty good according to PPN. I know you are sick of the drum beat but I think it’s a keeper. 4 different tones, the kit is growing. Today I was preoccupied with Tunecore and some remixes I plan to release in a month. I recorded… Continue reading Summer Session Week 6

Alex Dx

This is the CD cover for Boom Jungle Wood “This is a Test” featuring Alex Dx. Alex Dx vocals and additional Zulu lyrics c/o Chellas Studios (SA). I will let you know when the single comes out. Tentative first week of September release date.

Summer Session Week 5

I wasn’t expecting to record this last week. First off, you are listening to a sound recording from Stella Chiweshe solo piece “Mutambazve.” The attached video is where I got the mbira music from. I added one track from the CK-4 emulating African drums and percussion and one track emulating a very average marimba player… Continue reading Summer Session Week 5

Summer Session Week 4

According to PPN I was going to name this week’s demo “Out of Africa.” I used PPN half-heartedly and this stripped down (power trio) is the best idea I got out of the session. I am inspired but in a retrograde move. I wanted Boom Jungle Wood to be a 3 piece acoustic band a… Continue reading Summer Session Week 4

PPN Update

I had a talk with my Professor (sike) and she thinks it is best for me to take a different approach this week. I have the PPN in my head. I don’t need to write them down. I just need to practice my instruments (get to know them) this week. I’ll be in touch. I… Continue reading PPN Update

Summer Session Week 3

My enthusiasm waned a bit this week. You know how summer school is. I was also preoccupied with life, so no new attempts to learn how to play my authentic African acoustic instruments. I did use PPN verbatim. That went fine however at mix time I realized I shouldn’t force things on the listening audience.… Continue reading Summer Session Week 3

Summer Session Week 2

I got all six instruments in this week. You’ll have to listen to the end if you want to hear them. I expect to be a little more creative next week and stretch a bit in regards to the arrangement. Everything else, TBD.

Summer Session Week 1

Well this demo didn’t turn out the way I predicted using this week’s Pre-Production Notes. Which I will use every week before the recording session. I did learn a lot. When the instruments are in the mix you will hear twice as many. Based upon PPN I did place the steel pan drum where it… Continue reading Summer Session Week 1


Confused? Don’t be. This is the 4 piece acoustic version (not acoustic, but electric here) of Boom Jungle Wood c/o The School of Ethnomusicology. It’s inception for Disco Remixes can be heard on our Superblack Records YouTube channel. That band line up circa 2017 had a horn section and made room for electric bass and… Continue reading GQ

Wave 109

This is inspired by a drum beat from a new wave pop rock song from the 80’s. The rest is just filling out the rock band line up. Not sure what I will record next week. However, while I am stoked about Boom Jungle Wood small lineup, I think I will explore recording more instruments… Continue reading Wave 109