A couple of days ago I planned on recording a demo of disco for my band. I didn’t expect to regurgitate a very old bass line add horns and strings to the best of my ability. This is an example of disco in my book. Ya like or does it suck? I will make a… Continue reading Ezra


I could be wrong, I assume the term “beats” as we apply it to music production today emerged around 1992 visa vi an iconic hip hop producer in particular. He isn’t a personal hero still the term beat or beats have impacted the way music makers describe their work. I don’t make beats. I hope… Continue reading Malachi


You mentioned Prince last week? When I was in college a nice dude and great guitarist (Timmy) told me that Prince was a great guitarist. I didn’t understand what he was talking about in 1989. I was a little bit off back then. This song is dedicated to The Magnanimous Christ not the genius Prince.… Continue reading Magnanimous


This tune should sound very familiar. I hear two separate songs already in the public domain. However, this song comes with lyrics/vocal arrangement. To give you an example of how words can make a difference, stay tuned for a SB Remix from Chellas Studios (SA) featuring lyrics/vocal arrangement. I am not sure what Scripture of… Continue reading Obadiah

Ode to King

Thank you C#NN1PT!ON.  I just heard from him and the remix for this song (stems enclosed) is on the way.  I was planning on re-recording Ode to King tomorrow for this blog.  I’m glad I don’t have to.  I will work on the third band demo instead.  This song (lyrics/vocals) previously recorded was called “Ode… Continue reading Ode to King

The Father

This is a sample of a song for my new band.  This is a style I was fond of many moons ago.  I never thought I would return to a small alternative rock line up.  But hey it’s easy to do at home.  I was a teenage home studio recording artist in the 80’s.  How… Continue reading The Father

Hello world!

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