The Father

This is a sample of a song for my new band.  This is a style I was fond of many moons ago.  I never thought I would return to a small alternative rock line up.  But hey it’s easy to do at home.  I was a teenage home studio recording artist in the 80’s.  How come I sound like I am a beginner today?  I will apologize for technical issues later.  For now let me introduce you to my band. Rhythm guitar, bass, percussion and drums.  This video (please excuse the idolatry) contains major influencers.  I grew up in Seattle/Bellevue.  Heart coincidentally was a major influence.  In particular the chronically under-rated Nancy Wilson.  Jimi Hendrix was the most important musician guitarist in the world, straight out of Seattle until his replacement Kurt Cobain came on the scene.  I was a young adult, aspiring artist when Grunge was put on the map.  I was still far from making a name for myself in the early 90’s.  If you ever hear me say “I have been putting ads out looking for musicians to form bands with since I was a child.”  I would be referring to The Rocket circa 1983.  KJET was my soul mate when I was in high school.  It went out of business before I finished college.  I heard Red Dress and Visible Targets on this station.  They played local bands.  While the two above bands may not be found on a list of influential Seattle bands trust me,  they influenced a lot of people.  Both bands wrote two of my favorite songs “of all time.”  Money Dream and Mechanical Man. Shout out to alternative rock.

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