Ode to King

Thank you C#NN1PT!ON.  I just heard from him and the remix for this song (stems enclosed) is on the way.  I was planning on re-recording Ode to King tomorrow for this blog.  I’m glad I don’t have to.  I will work on the third band demo instead.  This song (lyrics/vocals) previously recorded was called “Ode to Bush.”  Anyone who knew me as a young adult or anyone who knows me in a musical way, knows Kate Bush is “my favorite recording artist of all time.”  I was going to insert slides of Katie, which would have seemed grossly absurd matching the tune.  Instead I am attributing (excuse the idolatry) this music video to an equally lovely woman whose passing touched me more than I would have predicted.  The loss of Mary Wilson of the iconic Supremes reminds me why I should be “proud” of my age and the music I grew up with.  I wish the music produced these days by the youngsters was a little more interesting.

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