This tune should sound very familiar. I hear two separate songs already in the public domain. However, this song comes with lyrics/vocal arrangement. To give you an example of how words can make a difference, stay tuned for a SB Remix from Chellas Studios (SA) featuring lyrics/vocal arrangement. I am not sure what Scripture of Spiritual thoughts they will include. When I wrote this song in the 90’s it was called “Jesus is Coming Soon.” It wasn’t originally performed on the piano. When the band is formed we will arrange it and it won’t sound like this but it will be the same positive uplifting vibe. I promised you no more idolatry but until I get my influences out of my system and start creating music videos please bear with the trivia. How many of these funk heroes do you recognize by sight? Missing is Prince. When it comes to former heroes, he’d get a slide show all of his own. Who knows? Maybe next week.

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