First the backstory, this tune was composed in the 80’s. However, the band instrumentation enclosed below was conceived as recently as 2017. If you can name the instruments, that’s where the name of my latest band “Boom Jungle Wood” came from. By the way I did love the keyboard marimba in ’87 but I didn’t use it often. I became inspired by the Zimbabwean marimba and a man called Dumisani Maraire very late in life. I believe if I would have met him in Seattle when I was a young woman, my music career would have taken a different direction or two. Buy hey, who knows? This week was stressful. And this song formerly named “In Pursuit of Happiness” crossed my mind to record for this blog. If there is anyone interested in helping me write a book about my musical journey, note I have many sound recordings archived at The Library of Congress circa 1985-2003. Apparently I can remember most of my old songs. So far you are getting samples from a long time ago. Music equals memories.

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