RBG 110

Nothing new to see here… Well, kind of. I will be posting demos and the stems enclosed for a project Chellas Studios (SA) and C#NN1PT!ON will be remixing for a Boom Jungle Wood Single coming July, 2021. I’m not sure if it will be a vocal track or instrumental. I am excited about hearing what these producers will do with the band concept, indeed. Keep in mind Boom Jungle Wood (Band) will be a small line up for efficiency sake. I can’t compose and arrange anything I can’t play. So, look out for some very simple but possibly interesting marimba and a professional bass player, trying to make her way into the mix. RBG self-explanatory. Tempo is 110 BPM. I recorded the percussion over a song I liked that was a la Samba. I might record the percussion the same way in the future versus using a metronome. Shalom family.

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