RGB 112

Decide which RGB sample from the Frequency LP Demos you favor the most because this is the beat(s) I will be performing. I will figure out how to get/keep the bass line in. Yes, our first release will be about this simple to play. OMG, the sound is so much better on my headphones versus these laptop speakers. I hope the remixers can hear what I hear, the potential for this to be very or relatively “symphonic.” I will be practicing and once I can play the tune straight through at 3 minutes, not an issue on the bass, I will start collecting stems. Yes, dirty dirty dirty stems. We’ll see what the next producers can do. If the original idea is somewhat recognizable, this is a good demo for the Boom Jungle Wood band line up. For a minute I thought I would drop out the 2nd percussionist. No way, if anything the keyboard marimba player would be dropped. But then, “Where’s the wood?”

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