Confused? Don’t be. This is the 4 piece acoustic version (not acoustic, but electric here) of Boom Jungle Wood c/o The School of Ethnomusicology. It’s inception for Disco Remixes can be heard on our Superblack Records YouTube channel. That band line up circa 2017 had a horn section and made room for electric bass and electric guitars. Then it was remixed by Angel Paste, Supadry, Jumbosound Recordz, Dj Vegas SA and Jesslem and sounds all kinds of goody goody on SB Remix Volume One. Check them out!

The Boom Jungle Wood record Frequency is a make shift electric project for the studio. Equaling 4 band members as well. I am not sure, maybe next week, but definitely in the future I will start making demos for Boom Jungle Wood acoustic 4 piece. If the mix was decent, you would be able to hear the instruments.

I don’t play the bamboo flute (African) but I imagine I could play it this well. I am not a steel drum pan player, but I dinked around with one for a couple months and I know it is a very versatile instrument and can be used for all musical genres and instrumentation. My love for the Zimbabwean marimba is ever-lasting. I was “ok” when I played in the ensemble in Seattle for about a year between 2016-2017. Bear with me as I explore my past. It’s good to have more than one band idea in one’s head. Who knows who I will run into? This way, I’ll be ready and flexible.

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