Summer Session Week 3

My enthusiasm waned a bit this week. You know how summer school is. I was also preoccupied with life, so no new attempts to learn how to play my authentic African acoustic instruments. I did use PPN verbatim. That went fine however at mix time I realized I shouldn’t force things on the listening audience. I kept what I thought had potential. I wish I was able to record the Kalimba. On that note, we are only a third into the session. I am leaning towards a new wave pop album. If I go that route, I may forfeit my trademark and use instruments I feel like using, not previously disclosed. I was going to upload a photo of myself this week but found C Delores Tucker. I remember her from circa 1992 or whenever she made a name for herself. I was in agreement before or after her television remarks. I knew in 1992 music was going to hell. Let’s resuscitate the muse. Please do your part.

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