Summer Session Week 5

Stella Chiweshe

I wasn’t expecting to record this last week. First off, you are listening to a sound recording from Stella Chiweshe solo piece “Mutambazve.” The attached video is where I got the mbira music from. I added one track from the CK-4 emulating African drums and percussion and one track emulating a very average marimba player c/o Yamaha. I am not sure I like the “snare.” You know me, turning something into jazz at the last minute. Hmmm (TBD) The frequencies were whew…my goodness. Now my lack of engineering resulted in a poor grade from the audio production instructor (just kidding). I will keep in mind if on stage I have a mbira player, a Zimbabwean marimba player and an African drummer/percussionist enclosed, we should be very aware of our range. In the studio the sounds would have been corrected with some techniques. I think you are hearing a very low end record even if you are listening through headphones or trebly laptop speakers.

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