Summer Session Week 6

You’re probably surprised to hear that this week’s demo went pretty good according to PPN. I know you are sick of the drum beat but I think it’s a keeper. 4 different tones, the kit is growing. Today I was preoccupied with Tunecore and some remixes I plan to release in a month. I recorded these tracks (above) a few days ago with every intention to re-record today. If I don’t find a new inspiration this week, chances are I will re-visit this concept next week which is: 3 percussionists (and marimba). We are almost through with summer school and my final project is due around “Labor Day.” I think I will plan on composing a 3 percussion set tune with marimba(s). I may need a couple of weeks to write a marimba melody. I could use more time to get the mix down or…how about I work in the in between days? Duh!

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