Part II (Summary)

I had a whole week to think about adding lyrics or at the minimum breaking down the percussion. I waited until the very last minute and couldn’t pull either option off, so here is the skeleton of the demo from last week. I’m not mad if you aren’t mad. I am confirmed and I got my grade from the music instructor (just kidding).

Believe it or not, I heard from Timmy c/o FB. I mentioned Timmy previously even though I have not spoken to him in decades. He made my book in regards to music trivia and my music background along with many other excellent musicians. After catching up with Timmy I must acknowledge my songwriting, especially lyrical content for guitar has not improved much since 1992. My guitar playing has not improved much since 1999. You my most recent audience can attest to, my recording skills have not improved much since 1987. I guess after feeling a little under par and unprofessional I can pause and say, well at least I stuck it out.

Boom Jungle Wood Marimba Band will be my next project. I will keep you very much up to date via this blog. You’ll meet the band members as they come and go. I will make videos of me playing the marimba. Hopefully I will have one by Christmas. I don’t celebrate Christmas but I would love to purchase an African marimba or balafon by the end of the year.

My summer session music instructor gave me a passing grade and suggested I remain open to the contributions of other musicians who play the instruments I want enclosed in my large ensemble, while I concentrate on my best skill set which may turn out to be the beats and tempos. Next week I will start the freestyle/experimental recording sessions. I don’t have any new or old tunes to regurgitate. But since we are close now and there is no pretention between us, I think I’ll start experimenting with original ideas to see if I can become good at something new. Thank you for hangin’ out with me this summer. It was fun.

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