Year in Review 2021

2021: A great comeback year for Superblack Records on YouTube. After a short unexpected break at the beginning of 2020, Superblack Records came back in the Fall of 2020 with enthusiasm about the new year. With the help of Jumbosound Recordz (Kenya) Superblack Records focused on marketing the channel for new subscribers in Africa starting in January. By Spring 2021 Boom Jungle Wood was back at it with two singles remixed by C#NN1PT!ON and Dj Chiccos (Chellas Studios SA), “King” and “Obadiah” featuring Phi-Jay, respectively.

After a very musical summer, Boom Jungle Wood released “This is a Test” featuring Alex Dx on September 15, 2021. Available on all streaming platforms.

SB Remix “This is a Test” (Guerilla in Da Mix) by C#NN1PTION

Available at Superblack Records YouTube Channel

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