African Music Studies Quiz #1

Please use the links included on

Geography of Africa and Shona Mbira and The Conga and Slave Trade pages for study references. This includes the photos.

Congo + Haiti

Here is a practice quiz for week 1 and 2. Take the quiz without reviewing the material first. Is this quiz too easy for the general public? Please let us know in the comments. If you don’t know the answers please use our references above, or use your own.

  1. Zimbabwe shares a border with the following countries- Kenya, Rhodesia and South Africa? True or False?
  2. Which country is an Island? Gabon or Madagascar?
  3. You can travel to Spain(Europe)from Africa in less than an hour by boat? True or False?
  4. Mount Kilimanjaro is located in Nigeria. True of False?
  5. What five oceans border Africa?
  6. Dumisani Maraire was famous for playing which two traditional Zimbabwean instruments?
  7. Dumi introduced the Zimbabwean marimba to Florida (US) in 1970. True or False?
  8. Traditional Shona Mbira ensembles include a “rattle” and a singer. True of False?
  9. Which popular female Mbira player died at 37 years old? Chiwoniso Maraire or Stella Chiweshe?
  10. The Zimbabwean Mbira was traditionally played by men and women. True or False?
  11. Describe how the traditional African conga is made. For example, is there an animal used to build a conga drum?
  12. The conga is used in religious ceremonies. True or False?
  13. The conga is played with the hands and with sticks. True or False?
  14. Mexico has the most indigenous music featuring the conga. More than Cuba and Puerto Rico combined. True or False?
  15. Most music genres indigenous to Latin America and The Caribbean have roots based in the Transatlantic slave trade. True or False?

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