African Music Studies Quiz #2

Next week we will take a field trip and do something a little different. Please check the syllabus Monday morning. In the meantime please review these questions covering the last three weeks. The answers are found on the post (click links) but as in every case, use your own resources.

  1. The Zimbabwean marimba is often accompanied with a “rattle/gourd” and vocals. True or False?
  2. The balafon also known as an African xylophone is associated with the Great Kingdoms from the Horn of Africa. True or False?
  3. Describe the difference between the balafon and Zimbabwean marimba. 1 point for each example. (No limit)
  4. Elaborate on the following statement: “I am surprised more black Americans are not associated with the balafon.”
  5. Name at least one balafon player or Zimbabwean marimba player who is currently touring.
  6. The talking drum is how important to West African culture(s)? Somewhat important? Moderately important? (it depends) or Extremely Important?
  7. The description “talking drums of Africa” is limited to the West African drum with the hourglass shape and strings added for tension. True or False?
  8. Describe the characteristics of a “master musician.” (No extra credit for length of answer)
  9. Ethnomusicology includes studying music which is created exclusively for “religious ceremonies?”
  10. In the West African talking drum family, is the mother the largest drum? Yes or No?
    Bonus for one point:
    ** Is the largest drum considered the leader drum? Yes or No?
  11. Name at least two instruments included in the first Pan African Orchestra.
  12. What is the name of the Ghanaian who created the PAO? No deduction for misspelling.
  13. Is the atenteben played vertically or horizontally?
  14. The PAO was conceived to replace Eurocentric ideology in African arts. True of False?
  15. The atenteben flute is traditionally used for weddings and very festive and lively cultural events in Ghana. True of False?

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