African Marimba Band


Just in the nick of time, I am a born-again Motown fan. I grew up taking The Temptations for granted. Let’s think about Diana Ross and Otis Williams often in 2023. I’ll be back periodically with more inspiration.

The festival or concert (free online) is scheduled for September, 2023 (TBA). It is a not for profit, charitable event. Our cause in 2023 is “young musicians.” Boom Jungle Wood band line-up for this event will be a trio.

Marimba (Western and African Xylophones and Marimbas)

Guitar (Acoustic, Electric, Bass and 12 String)

Drums and Percussion (Small Kit, Double Bass, Electric/Congas and Percussion Kit)

Our band won’t sound like Max Roach M’Boom. Have you heard of these cats before? I have been discovering a lot of classic black American music lately again. Music is medicinal and divine.

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