Hebrew Band Line Up

Please consider the following pre-production notes pending. For those of you who jump on board early, you may bear witness to ideas and concepts changing in the real time.

Boom Jungle Wood Marimba Band line-up as follows: 1) Dundun 2) Conga(s) 3) Gourd Shakers 4 Soprano (Xylophone) 5 Tenor Marimba 6 Bass Marimba.

The music will be composed for the six(6) instruments/musicians above. Although conceptually, same live set could be performed by “as few as two” musicians. For example, one drummer/kit and one marimba player (full size).

Kick/bass drum, variable frequencies. Cowbell(s). Toms. Conga(s).

Lead melody soloist. Harmony. Bassline.

Boom Jungle Wood is a dance band. Compositions are likely to be arranged based upon inspiration from house, funk, disco and soul music.

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