Pre-production notes (band)

This time next week I should be back here with a note about sending stems off to producers and/or one or two demos enclosed for your listening pleasure. Tentative band demos as follows:

Dear Producers, I should have replaced my Alesis CK4 Kit. It’s a classic and I am going to miss out when they discontinue it. Mine has issues. The stems are likely to be dirty (electrical) and not suitable for a professional mix (tbd).

My piccolo guitar has four-year-old strings. This is completely unacceptable. I just decided to add her to the band demo. She didn’t want to be excluded and so my baby will be in tow. These stems may have some sections worth preserving and putting in the mix (tbd).

This is my first go-round recording xylophone using a generic usb microphone. I will send you both processed (cleaned up) and minimally cleaned up stems (no noise reduction) just in case you have better troubleshooting software. I do not have a bass xylophone. Hence I will be sending you xylophone stems between f4-c7. I will pitch the xylophone meant to be played by a bass xylophone down two octaves aka -24 semitones. You can re-pitch or experiment with the pitches especially if you can bring them down to c1-c2 range.

Please keep in mind Boom’s arrangements are for a band. I will be well-rehearsed but excluding any bad notes, you will be getting a “live performance per instrument.” There may be inconsistencies based upon timing and dynamics. If applicable, please find sections of the demo recordings to use for your most ideal remix.

Photo above is Thomas Dolby. One of my most admired record producers. I don’t speak highly of him much lately. However, he crossed my mind today as the inspiration I want to channel to the great producers who will be getting their hands on the music next week.

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