Yah’s Marimba Band

This is the finish product. Please go to Superblack Records YouTube channel and listen to the album Ndamuda.


The turnaround for the stems was unprecedented. Jumbosound Recordz came in first with a track that sounds like the one above. Jumbosound Recordz introduced the world to my original Boom Jungle Wood band lineup. I think Jumbosound Recordz got used to composing using this instrumentation above.

I dismantled the full Boom Jungle Wood ensemble in 2023. Please purchase Boom Jungle Wood ringtones on the iPhone and experience my first band line up circa 2022.

In with another amazing turnaround speed is Dj Chiccos from Chellas Studios (SA) with his wonderfully-commercial South African house track. With additional lyrics and vocals from Alex Dx. I asked for a song about love and we got an album titled Ndamuda. This is a catchy tune. Between Alex Dx and my plans to promote this year, this song may do the trick.

We waited a couple of weeks for MRIZO’s remix. He was quiet in the background paying attention. His submission would be my first Superblack Records co-producer’s (aka CD Music) very favorite.

The last but definitely not least track to come in was from C#NN1PT!ON. I didn’t know what to expect but “Spirit of tha Jungle Mix” is perfect. It is combination of black American club technique and a sample of me playing the xylophone. This is the record I would have to convince my acoustic dance mates to sign off on.

I imagine someone was following along and is impressed with the ethnomusicology courses taught here on my website. I’ll be back soon with the summer syllabus.

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