Best of Superblack Records

These are my selections for best productions and my favorite tracks. Not in chronological order:

I love this track. I’ll never forget the time Rex aka Dj 7UP produced it in my studio in Seattle. Rex was my very first music partner, going all the way back to high school. I learned a lot about music and production from him. I’m so glad I have something tangible from the era prior to Superblack Records.

I especially like the first track, California, on Dj Vegas SA’s remix compilation. I think he did the original great service. California is a song I have had in my music arsenal for many years. If you want the song titles for SB Remix Volume I, check out our N1M music page.

This is the only Boom Jungle Wood song credit that I actually had nothing to do with. I bought this beat from MRIZO in 2018 and because I wanted it published a few years after that, I credited my band/brand Boom Jungle Wood. Do note, we will be playing it “live.” I hear a xylophone. Love this beat.

I didn’t find Angel Paste on N1M, I found him on Craigslist. Probably the last great catch I will find on Craigslist. CD Music (Carl Dennis) loved Angel Paste’s remix of It’s All Right (at 3:10 minutes). I would eventually believe that Angel Paste’s talent and style is unmistakable and remarkable. Check out his work.

C#NN1PT!ON, Dj Chiccos and Alex Dx all in one place. I love this remix. These three producers did a lot of work for Superblack Records between 2018-2023.

Produced by CD Music (shout out), this is a hot track that symbolizes the live band I wrote for at the time. A little repetitive, especially my signature bassline. If I never go back to electronic dance music, please note my potential right here.

This is a great compilation. I love Don’t Be A Bigot at 6:35 minutes. Funky, funky. Supadry outdid himself.

Last but not least is a collaboration between Jumbosound Recordz and C#NN1PT!ON. The predominate track being a Boom Jungle Wood ringtone available on iPhone. Please check out our unique ringtones.

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