The Master Talking Drummer

I had the opportunity to befriend and study with Bisi in 1990. I was one of his first American students at University of Washington when he was a visiting “master talking drummer” from Nigeria care of U.W. School of Ethnomusicology. It is great to verify he is still inspiring thousands of American musicians with his… Continue reading The Master Talking Drummer

The African Xylophone and Marimba

There are many varieties of African xylophones and marimbas. Please become familiar with the West African balafon and the Zimbabwean marimba this week.

The Conga and Slave Trade

African Conga Latin Congas This week we want you to become familiar with the conga. This instrument is very common in Cuba. The drum comes from Africa and made a tremendous impact. Find your favorite conga music or musician before the week is over.