Song Bites

It occurred to me, I referenced another pop rock new wave song at 135 bpm you’d never guess in a million years a while ago. So far there are two new wave songs circa 1980 that have influenced my demos. The first one is a very percussive song with a funky bassline. Today’s song was… Continue reading Song Bites

Our Father

Sustaining the excuses and apologies. I do not have functioning laptop speakers. I am mixing on bass heavy headphones and I am not a great mixer anyway. Using PPN this week: First I was inspired by a song which I have been inspired by since 1980. It doesn’t cross my mind everyday or every year… Continue reading Our Father


This probably makes a lot more sense to me than it does to you, so let me explain. This is the first week of the freestyle/experimental session. I knew I wanted to experiment with high and low filters. I think I know which is which. Next, I should confirm settings and what instruments use this… Continue reading Goshen

Part II (Summary)

I had a whole week to think about adding lyrics or at the minimum breaking down the percussion. I waited until the very last minute and couldn’t pull either option off, so here is the skeleton of the demo from last week. I’m not mad if you aren’t mad. I am confirmed and I got… Continue reading Part II (Summary)


Hello World, Over the past six months I have whipped out demos every weekend (Sunday) to regain though muscle memory, my ability to record music routinely. My set-up is under par. My technique or lack of it speaks for itself. What I am happiest about is the fact that I have sustained my favorite and… Continue reading Intermission

Guerrilla in Da Mix

Well gang, do you recognize the marimba? This is the professionally produced instrumental track for Test. Yes the very same song I played for you here about two months ago. My band would be proud. Remixers are the bomb!

Money & Muscles

I’ve had a lot of stuff but I’ve never been in love. Have you ever wondered when enough’s enough? Money and muscles. That’s all I want. That’s all I need. My goals indeed include a lot of money and muscles. That’s what the girls in Hollywood said. Then I got paid. Money and muscles. That’s… Continue reading Money & Muscles

Summer Session Week 7

Full disclosure: There is heat in the marimba tracks. I used noise reduction by sight and not by ear. Too late to correct this error this week. My laptop speakers are shot, but they were under par anyway. I’ll replace them, hopefully before my final demo is due Labor Day Weekend, with something better. This… Continue reading Summer Session Week 7