Race Records

Race records were 78-rpmphonograph records marketed to African Americans between the 1920s and 1940s.[1] They primarily contained race music, comprising various African-American musical genres, including blues, jazz, and gospel music, and also comedy. These records were, at the time, the majority of commercial recordings of African-American artists in the US. Few African-American artists were marketed to white audiences. Race records were marketed by Okeh Records,[2]Emerson Records,[3]Vocalion Records,[4]Victor… Continue reading Race Records

Year in Review 2021

2021: A great comeback year for Superblack Records on YouTube. After a short unexpected break at the beginning of 2020, Superblack Records came back in the Fall of 2020 with enthusiasm about the new year. With the help of Jumbosound Recordz (Kenya) Superblack Records focused on marketing the channel for new subscribers in Africa starting… Continue reading Year in Review 2021

Boom Jungle Wood Ringtone

This ringtone was produced by Jumbosound Recordz for Superblack Records. Please find this ringtone on your iPhone and purchase it. I am very happy with this ringtone and expect to have several more available from a variety of African producers in 2022.