(I Need) Sanctuary {Instrumental Demo}

60’s African American Dance Music

(I Need) Sanctuary is a classic arrangement from DB!SPA Records dba Superblack Records. You can find another version of this tune called California. It’s been recorded and performed many times since the mid-90’s. Many different lyrics and themes.

This version’s lyrics were written November 2022. These 21st century lyrics work great with my latest 60’s tribute set. This song can mean many things to many people, and it falls under the category of Gospel music.

These demos fall under “Songs for Kids to Play.” I am most impressed with the fact I got it done in May, our deadline. I’ll talk to you about my current schedule, in the future. The demos are flawed, and I was tempted not to sing but the song needs the vocals and the band’s lead singer can get an idea from mine. I have three songs more in tow. I will try to do better next month. TBD

(I Need) Sanctuary Vocal Demo

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