New Afro-Dance Band Forming

National Search: Seeking 1) piccolo acoustic guitar player 2) drummer 3) bass player 4) xylophone. We are also seeking a lead singer and background singers, preferably from the list of main band members above. If you play another or additional acoustic instruments, please inquire. The demos will be enclosed on this music blog. The EP/LP… Continue reading New Afro-Dance Band Forming

Yah’s Marimba Band (Live)

Yah’s Marimba Band We recorded Yah’s Marimba Band last year. I decided to add it to the Songs for Kids to Play set, inspired 60’s dance music. I can’t predict when I will post next month’s (July) demo. I will be travelling. I do promise to add a song tentatively titled Memphis Blues to the… Continue reading Yah’s Marimba Band (Live)

(I Need) Sanctuary {Instrumental Demo}

60’s African American Dance Music (I Need) Sanctuary is a classic arrangement from DB!SPA Records dba Superblack Records. You can find another version of this tune called California. It’s been recorded and performed many times since the mid-90’s. Many different lyrics and themes. This version’s lyrics were written November 2022. These 21st century lyrics work… Continue reading (I Need) Sanctuary {Instrumental Demo}

(I Need) Sanctuary {Demo}

(I Need) Sanctuary Vocal Demo Lyrics They like to kill at will. They always write that in. I’m still in shock. It’s real. I’m scared to death. Big deal. I need sanctuary. I’m abused. I don’t feel good in this skin. But I really think I should. Why do they all hate me? What’s wrong… Continue reading (I Need) Sanctuary {Demo}

The Power (Release)

This is the track I mentioned last month derived from my demo “Hi.” I hear some of the stems I sent Chiko and oh yeah man, I am claiming this track. I love it. The lyrics are attached to the video. Alex Dx wrote the lyrics and I think it is official. Superblack Records has… Continue reading The Power (Release)

“Hi” (Demo)

Hi is the first track on the upcoming Songs for Kids to Play EP/LP by Boom Jungle Wood. This demo will become our first official Gospel record on Superblack Records. These stems were sent to Alex Dx c/o Chellas Studios in South Africa for additional production. Look out for the release Spring, 2024. I will… Continue reading “Hi” (Demo)

New Project (Preview)

I’ll be back by the end of the month with the new project. Featuring new music and solicitation for musicians, lyricists and producers for a Gospel record on Superblack Records. It is about a good person who derives from a wicked family. He is praying that “Yah” protects him from evil spirits and from the… Continue reading New Project (Preview)