Practiced the piccolo today. Last track is at 92bpm. I am using inspiration from Yamaha for the rehearsal tempos. Virtual Insanity is about 92 bpm they say. I am still in the “make you want to move your feet” range. And Jamiroquai is definitely funky enough for me to remain inspired.


Bassline, smooth at 92 bpm. It will inspire some “guitar work” I think. I love the schedule. I should be working up to 90 minutes/day solo. I may break this down to emphasize certain areas for example, piano and bass day versus piccolo and vocals day. TBD I know this is the equivalent of graduating… Continue reading BL-8


I played and practiced and grew a little. I am excited about Yahusha Song. Many ideas come to mind regarding Boom Jungle Wood Band. I hope it is what I have been praying for… This is a video/song which I want to hear right now. Something about the percussion and Yahusha TBD.


I had a great Sabbath. I picked up the bass towards the end of the day and re-invented a staple bassline. You’ve heard it this year right here. An old bassline. It works miraculously over the Yahusha chord structure. Especially because of the pitch interval between bass and piccolo guitar. I was even inspired to… Continue reading BL-6


Hello, today is Friday morning. I will be celebrating the Sabbath. I should work on “Yahusha (We Care About You),” it needs a bassline. It is a partial vocal tune. Easy to play interesting to “sing.” If I don’t post anything tomorrow, I will be back with updates on Sunday, our normal recording session day.… Continue reading BL-5


Just a walking bassline with change. Lotsa fun to play. Just as exciting on the piccolo. No song modes just basslines and a reason to rehearse other instruments including mild piano playing. Having a blast and trying to learn something to reset and refresh the ole music brain.


B Blues scale. A lot of fun between the bassline and piccolo to start off with. The pitches between a standard tuned guitar and acoustic piccolo guitar is curious. I would like to work with it, for starters. A sweeter interval is sought TBD. For the signature sound. So far I am very happy with… Continue reading BL-3

Spotify Verification

My name is Sholanda Green. My company email address is You can use or to come back here to the million dollar Temporary blog as we are undergoing a organization leadership change in 2022. You can verify my social media by “googling” Superblack Records or Boom Jungle Wood. We are on… Continue reading Spotify Verification


On day two, here comes the signature 12 bar funky blues in “A” bassline. I love playing it. It’s a keeper. A lot of fun and progress today. We are on a roll. Praise Yah!


This is fantastic. I need to check on my hosting package daily this month. We already talked about my need to practice bass and piccolo guitar yesterday. I will use my music blog to let you know how things are proceeding day to day. Let’s go up until November 21st. That’s an arbitrary number and… Continue reading BL-1