Percussion Wanted

Loop 1 Snip Loop 2 Snip This is a rough idea and very short sample of Loops 1 and 2. I will eventually leave 60 seconds and stems up for band members to utilize. Please percussionists most-wanted, keep the following in mind. Musicians vs. Instruments We want as many sounds and as few players as… Continue reading Percussion Wanted

Hebrew Band Line Up

Please consider the following pre-production notes pending. For those of you who jump on board early, you may bear witness to ideas and concepts changing in the real time. Boom Jungle Wood Marimba Band line-up as follows: 1) Dundun 2) Conga(s) 3) Gourd Shakers 4 Soprano (Xylophone) 5 Tenor Marimba 6 Bass Marimba. The music… Continue reading Hebrew Band Line Up

Dunun (African Bass Drums)

The Dunun is an African drum that can provide a low frequency, comparable to what western music calls a “bass drum,” to your ensemble. This particular drum comes from West Africa.

How to play the Shekere

This week we will become familiar with the mother of all percussion shakers. The shekere comes from West Africa. It is very popular all over the world, influencing Latin music as well as jazz.

The African Xylophone and Marimba

There are many varieties of African xylophones and marimbas. Please become familiar with the West African balafon and the Zimbabwean marimba this week.

The Conga and Slave Trade

African Conga Latin Congas This week we want you to become familiar with the conga. This instrument is very common in Cuba. The drum comes from Africa and made a tremendous impact. Find your favorite conga music or musician before the week is over.