The Sharecropper

We’ve concluded this year’s summer session and I have attached The Sharecropper demo. Please review the previous posts to figure out how we got here. I wasn’t sure what to expect at first, but I think we stayed on track. I didn’t include the xylophone in this music demo. Boom Jungle Wood band does have… Continue reading The Sharecropper

Isley Brothers

This week I had 1) origins of rock and roll 2) dance music and 3) “live band” on my mind and we got to here: The Isley Brothers, not at all over-rated. The name of the two songs included on the upcoming SB Remix V are 1) The Sharecropper and 2) I Need Sanctuary. I… Continue reading Isley Brothers

Sam Manning

We are coming to the end of the summer. Big sigh. The next couple of weeks, while we anticipate the demo and the remixes after that, I’ll post some “extra references.” Going back to the 60’s was ideal. I am a Gen X and I was influenced by a lot of musicians who were influenced… Continue reading Sam Manning

Mashed Potatoes

I sent Alex Dx the demo and he got the concept right away. He said it sounds like R&B. I was flattered. I corrected him and said, preciously, 60’s American R&B dance music. So far, this concept has sustained. I promise to post the demos here by the end of the month.

Jimi Hendrix

My brother from another mother. I am as surprised as you are to have this video here as I pre-requisite SB Remix Volume V. As of today, I am sure what I want to record. In a few weeks, you will understand why I posted the greatest power trio of all time. Jimi Hendrix and… Continue reading Jimi Hendrix

Elizabeth Cotten

This week’s inspiration is the acoustic guitar. I couldn’t think of a guitarist or song which I find as memorable as Freight Train. My voice is not much better than Elizabeth’s but only if my guitar playing was half as good.

Lionel Hampton

You say vibraphone and I say xylophone. I fell in love with the Zimbabwean marimba in 2016. I wish I had discovered this divine instrument when I was a kid. I won’t discriminate, we’ll have all three in the Boom Jungle Wood studio. Because I am late to the party, I don’t know who I… Continue reading Lionel Hampton

Vocal Harmony

Vocals are very important; I mean as in singing. I am not a singer. I will be providing vocals for the demonstration record. Depending on how it goes, I may post the vocal demo here. Otherwise, the plan is to hire a session singer. While we are at it, Producers, please use some harmony. This… Continue reading Vocal Harmony


This week I wanted to highlight the two-guitar band. Maybe Parliament/Funkadelic would have been a better selection. However, this is my favorite funk band and one of my favorite guitar solos of all time, not to mention my favorite bass line. Producers, please prepare to record and mix two guitars, lead and rhythm.

Race Relations

At least two of the songs I plan to record for SB Remix V have racially provocative themes. I won’t be the first to use the musical art to “plead for justice.”