Safari Ringtone by Boom Jungle Wood

This is the latest Boom Jungle Wood ringtone available on iPhones. This one called “Safari,” was produced by Jumbosound Recordz in Kenya. I really like this one and we would love your honest feedback. Don’t forget to tell your friends about our project.

Zimbabwean Marimba (II)

I am drooling to get my hands on a Zimbabwean Bass Marimba. I think this is the instrument I will play in Boom Jungle Wood. I hope I have the endurance and strength at this age to be so-called great. If not, I will employ another musician to take over and play additional sets.

Steel Pan History

While the steel pan drum is a fairly recent invention, it is rich with cultural heritage for many Caribbean people. African slaves brought to the island chain would bang on oil drums and other items to communicate and celebrate with one another. When the drums became too dented, the drummers would pound them back into… Continue reading Steel Pan History

Traditional Dakota Flute

Boom Jungle Wood Band is comprised of instruments and musicians specializing in Native American (Flute), *Latin America (Congas), Trinidad and Tobago (Steel Drum) and Africa (Mbira and Balafon). We will explore the origins of these instruments and their traditional compositions this summer (2022) for our Ethnomusicology Series- Diaspora Dance Bands.

Made in Africa Ringtone

This is the second ringtone produced by Jumbosound Recordz (Kenya). It is called Made in Africa and it is available on iPhones. Please consider purchasing this ringtone as we continue the effort to support our African music partners and their local charities.

Steel Pan

After stick-fighting and African percussion music were banned in the 1880s, in response to the Canboulay riots, they were replaced by bamboo sticks beaten together, which were themselves banned in turn. In 1937 they reappeared in Laventille, transformed as an orchestra of frying pans, dustbin lids, and oil drums. These steelpans are now a major part of the Trinidadian music scene and are a popular section of… Continue reading Steel Pan

West African Balafon

Believed to have been developed independently of the Southern African and South American instrument now called the marimba, oral histories of the balafon date it to at least the rise of the Mali Empire in the 12th century CE.