Pre-production notes (band)

This time next week I should be back here with a note about sending stems off to producers and/or one or two demos enclosed for your listening pleasure. Tentative band demos as follows: Dear Producers, I should have replaced my Alesis CK4 Kit. It’s a classic and I am going to miss out when they… Continue reading Pre-production notes (band)


I discovered another one. This group makes me smile. I love the mentor and the young players keeping up. This reminds me of the African marimba band I joined in Seattle. It has been a while since I played in a large ensemble. The project I am writing for is only for 2 marimbas (pending).… Continue reading Acoustic?

Percussion Wanted

Loop 1 Snip Loop 2 Snip This is a rough idea and very short sample of Loops 1 and 2. I will eventually leave 60 seconds and stems up for band members to utilize. Please percussionists most-wanted, keep the following in mind. Musicians vs. Instruments We want as many sounds and as few players as… Continue reading Percussion Wanted

The Conga and Slave Trade

African Conga Latin Congas This week we want you to become familiar with the conga. This instrument is very common in Cuba. The drum comes from Africa and made a tremendous impact. Find your favorite conga music or musician before the week is over.