New Project (Preview)

3924 N. 24th Street Milwaukee, WI 53206

I’ll be back by the end of the month with the new project.

Featuring new music and solicitation for musicians, lyricists and producers for a Gospel record on Superblack Records.

It is about a good person who derives from a wicked family. He is praying that “Yah” protects him from evil spirits and from the generational curse. The demons have antagonized him since he was a young child. This will be the last go-around.

Bible Scriptures:

Genesis 19

Judges 16

Luke 11

Below is a short draft of potential lyrics for a rap song, TBD. Please feel free to use these as you see fit until I come back with the proposed beat and hopefully more words.

“My Three Worst Sins”

They are evil. He is crazier than me. If I can prove it. Will you let me be. Free from all to do with my family. They are unholy. That’s easy to see. Put them under surveillance. Then please come survey me. There’s no competition. Between them and me. The sicko Scotts. They caused children so much misery. The sicko Bells. These devils almost destroyed me. My own mom. And no, I don’t love the Ts. All of the above. Describes my family. Dear Lord, keep them away from me. My advice. Given sincerely. And always for free. Be prepared to get exactly what you deserve. That especially goes for me. Be prepared to get exactly what you deserve. You can always pray for mercy.

The first time you were stupid. The second time the devil made you do it. Three times (1, 2, 3) is why you must die. This is why you must die.

Remember what you did.

My three worst sins.

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